Gluten free, Grain free, Refined-Sugar free, Lactose free, Yeast free, All Natural cuisine!
"By altering the nutrition we take in, we can effect the constitution of our intestinal flora, and bring it back into balance, healing our digestive tracts and restoring proper absorption."
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About Me

          From the age of 19  I was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's Disease/Colitis, a digestive disease also known as IBD = Inflammatory Bowel Disease. My Crohn's Disease beat me down time after time and remission seemed impossible. I practically lived in the hospital since I was diagnosed only achieving a short lived remission through loads of steroids. Change in diet was brought up occasionally by my medical professionals but never anything specific other than "everyone is different" and "trial and error". Even multiple surgeries removing intestines here and there didn't change anything until I had my permanent Illeostomy placed. Life was amazing without any Crohn's symptoms. That lasted a while until I started experiencing symptoms again which turned out to be frequent blockages. No Doc could figure out why it was happening or if it was happening according to their x rays and so much more(grrr)....... There's a long story behind that but we will leave that out for now. Well, after changing hospitals they did a barium tests and found I have web like strictures from all my surgeries. I'm glad it's not my Crohn's coming back, but I know it's possible someday. So, I will be proactive and fight through diet.

          When I read the reviews about the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle - The Specific Carbohydrate Diet"  on Amazon I was shocked. The amount of testimonials from people with IBD being cured intrigued me! I don't ever want my Crohn's to come back again so I decided to give it a whirl. The food list provided at makes the diet easy to follow. There is loads of knowledge about this diet at that site also and is definitely worth the read. Shopping can be hard for SCD so I have a little help page at Shop for SCD! Brands & Tips. There are also tons of other SCD blogs with amazing recipes on the web.



  1. Hi, I was wondering if you are on any medications right now? I have Crohns and I am on medication and my dr wanted me to start Humira and I told him I was going to try this diet first. He didn't seem too excited. So my dr is not very supportive and I was wondering how you know is a right time to get off medicine all together? I realize you are not a dr but I am starting to like talking to other people that have been through this instead of doctors that just want to medicate for EVERYTHING! BTW, I LOVE your blog and the recipes look delish!

    1. Hi Jackie! I'm so glad you love my blog, thank you so much :) I just love to cook and I was determined to not live off of boring food for the rest of my life. The things I was coming up with were so yummy I just had to share them ;)

      As for medications, I am not on any anymore. My Crohn's just came back 2 months ago after almost 2 years of remission from the Ostomy surgery. I was in a full blown flare and was waiting for my appointment to see my GI to get on medications. I was so sick so I tried the SCD diet while I waited to see him.
      The creator of the diet talks a lot about hidden starches and all that in the bouillons and other processed foods. I was living off of the chicken broth bouillon so I made some homemade chicken soup and drank that instead. By 4 days of homemade broth I was able to eat the chicken and veggies too and start the intro diet as my symptoms lessened. After 8 days I was able to start eating regularly (SCD legal) again and my symptoms were almost completely gone! Was so amazed so I devoted my life to it haha.

      Now, I know it has only been such a short time but I have SO much faith in this diet because I was tortured for 11 years, and I mean torture. NOTHING worked for me and I was always in the hospital just hanging on. Was awful, nobody should have to go through the torture I went through. That is why I started this blog :) I want so much for EVERYONE with Crohn's to at least try it. How do we know it wont work unless we try right? It doesn't work for everyone but you will know within days if it works for you :) Certain foods seem to give me symptoms, it's happened 3 times now but I just go back to the chicken soup and intro diet and I'm better in a week ;)
      As for getting off medications you should stay on them for now. Try the Chicken soup thing or start with the intro, whichever you feel your tummy is ready to handle. Docs are not all about this diet yet because there is not enough research out there regarding diet and IBD. First see if you respond to diet and then work closely with your doctor. I am in the process of getting an MRE and a bunch of blood work checking my nutrition, inflammation, etc.
      I hope this helps! Sorry it's so long hehe

  2. Happy to hear about your story. I too suffer from crohns, I too started with SCD diet but now Iam not following it religiously.. I do eat lot of illegal food as I couldnt resist it. Even though I feel cramps sometimes but no other major issues as of now.I was searching for new SCD food thatshow i came across your site.. Hope you get completely cured following this diet and be a great testimony for this diet and helps millions of people suffering from IBD

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am doing amazing with this diet. I have found that the SCD is such a great starter diet for anyone with digestive problems. It eliminates all the bacteria breeding foods and takes you back to square one. You are then able to slowly introduce different foods if you want to and be able to identify your triggers. Either that or stick with a strict SCD diet like I do. Honestly I am terrified to eat any illegals lol. I suffered so much before that I would rather not take my chances lol. I hope my recipes help you find relief in your symptoms! I wish you the best of health and a beautiful day ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and blogging your recipes! Always looking for delicious ideas for my 5,8 & 10 year old. Thanks for taking the time to post it! Myself and kids all have "gut" issues that have wreaked havoc on our bodies (IBS, seizures, celiac disease, joint pain, fatigue, failure to grow, autoimmune issues, etc...)
    You are so right! Our bodies were created to work well given the right foods. Such a fun journey to see them heal. Love that God is restoring your years of sickness and yuck! He is doing the same for us. I know they don't stick to strictly the SCD list but Hallelujah Acres ( some great raw fruit and veggie ideas (we just skip all the illegals and still eat meat), just ideas.....

    Hope you continue to do well. Your blog is such a gift!

    1. Thank you so much for the site! Looks great and skimming through the recipes as we speak ;) I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes to try or inspire new ones.
      I am so grateful to have you using my blog to help your family :) It makes me so happy. I wanted so much to share my success and way of eating to help others and it seems it is working. It's just amazing to see the healing power of food. :) Thank you so much for your kind words. All the best wishes to you and your family. I am dealing with obstructions at the moment from old scar tissue so my posts might slow for a bit. I will be back on a regular basis soon I hope.

  4. Sorry for your pain.

    It's helpful that bloggers are posting their SCD recipes online. However, I'm finding that some haven't done their research on what is exactly legal and illegal. For example, many think you can make jam with apples and lemons, which are very high in pectin. Yet Elaine says that jam that contains pectin is illegal. So when in doubt, I always refer to Elaine's book "Breaking the Vicioius Cycle" and her website . Her jam excludes the apples and lemons.

    It's good to hear that avoiding your main trigger foods is helping you. That worked for me for a long time. I recently got a serious flareup; so I'm consuming only SCD legal foods/beverages now.

  5. Hi Michelle, how do you stay hydrated? I too have an ileostomy and this seems to be a problem for me...